The OutReach Program

Red Tickets Earned, Red Tickets Spent

The Outreach Program, lovingly known as TOP, is proud to introduce our new Student Store- Online Edition. While the student store is open to buy in person Fridays from 3:30-4:00, we are excited to serve all of you amazing students daily with online orders and delivery service right to your designated area.  Just click “shop” and see all of our amazing snack options. When you make an online order, you will have your item(s) delivered to you the following school day.

We have 8 fantastic employees and 2 student managers that will be there to serve you on Fridays as well as to greet you with great customer service for your daily deliveries. Non-food items will be sold on Fridays only. However, snacks are available for deliveries daily as well as on Fridays. We look forward to seeing you during your morning routine for deliveries or Fridays in store. 

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